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Arkanoid MX Instructions

Arkanoid MX is controlled by using the keyboard. The spacebar is used to start the game, launch the ball, and shoot lasers (if you have the powerup). The P key is used to pause the game.

Arkanoid MX Walkthrough

Arkanoid MX is a Flash copy of the famous arcade game, Arkanoid. Arkanoid MX features graphics similar but not identical graphics compared to those of the original arcade game, five levels, and a practice mode. Unfortunately, the site that allows players to construct levels has been taken down.

The original Arkanoid was released in 1986 by Taito. It was based on Atari's Breakout games from the 1970s. Arkanoid proved to be a popular hit, and was ported to numerous home consoles, computer systems, and handheld devices including the NES, SNES, Commodore 64, mobile phones, and of course, this Flash version, Arkanoid MX.

In Arkanoid MX (as in the original arcade game), players control a paddle-shaped spaceship, the Vaus, that has escaped from its mothership, the Arkanoid. The objective is to clear all of the blocks at the top of the screen by deflecting the ball off of the Vaus and into the blocks. If the ball falls past the Vaus to the bottom of the screen, a life is lost. When all lives are lost,t he game is over.

Arkanoid featured bonus items that gave players an edge in the game. Arkanoid MX also features powerups, but the shortcut and multiball powerups are not present in this version of the classic game. The red 'L' power allows you to shoot lasers. The orange 'S' powerup slows down the movement speed of the ball. The gray 'P' powerup rewards an extra life. The blue 'E' powerup expands the Vaus, making it easier to deflect the ball. Finally, the green 'C' powerup lets you catch the ball (I personally dislike this powerup, but you may find it helpful). Collecting one powerup will cancel the previous one. To collect a powerup, catch it with your paddle.

Arkanoid MX is not a perfect port of the original Arkanoid, but it is still loads of fun. Now that you can play this classic arcade game on the Web, there is no need for an emulator!

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