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Astro Panic Instructions

Astro Panic is controlled by using the mouse. Move the mouse left and right to position your ship. Click to shoot.

Astro Panic Walkthrough

Astro Panic is a Flash game that pays homage to the Commodore 64 game, Astro-PANIC!. The original Astro-PANIC! was released in 1984 by COMPUTE! Publications Inc., a company operating in the United Kingdom that created computer games in the late 1970's and 1980's. The Flash version of the classic game recreates some aspects of the original, but there are numerous differences that will be discussed in this game description.

The first difference between Astro Panic and Astro-PANIC is the graphics. The Commodore 64 version of the game featured colored sprite graphics and no background. This Flash version of the classic game uses white, blocky graphics with limited color. A retro-modern style grayscale cityscape is also visible in the background. The only times that color appears in graphics is for shots and explosions in the Flash version of the game.

The second difference between Astro Panic and Astro-PANIC! is the gameplay mechanic. Generally, the same rules apply. Destroy all enemies to advance to the next level. Enemies travel and bounce across the screen but do not shoot. If an enemy contacts your ship, you will lose one life. When all lives are lost, the game is over. In the classic game, however, all levels contained six enemies. In this Flash version, the first level has three enemies to destroy, and an additional enemy is added in each subsequent wave.

The final difference between the classic game and this Flash version is the scoring. The original Astro-PANIC! counted score in units of one. The Flash version, uses larger numbers to count score. It should also be noted that the higher on the screen that an enemy is when you destroy it, the more points that you will be rewarded.

Astro-PANIC may be a forgotten Commodore 64 classic, but its spirit lives on in Astro Panic. This Flash version of the classic game is the perfect way to kill some time with its simple controls and addictive gameplay!

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