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Boinggg! Instructions

Boinggg! Is controlled by using the keyboard. Hold the left or right arrow keys to start a jump in the respective direction. The longer you hold the key, the more power your jump with have. Release the key to jump.

Boinggg! Walkthrough

Boinggg! is a Flash remake of the classic game of the same name. The original Boinggg! was released in 1988 by Atlantis Software for the Amstrad CPC. This Flash version features the same graphics and gameplay of the original, but the control scheme is different.

The objective of Boinggg! is to make it from the beginning of the level to the platform with an exit sign above it. When the exit is reached, you will advance to the next level. Falling to the bottom of the screen or colliding with enemies will reduce the life bar at the right of the screen and force you to restart the level. When the life bar is completely depleted, the game will end.

The control scheme of this Flash version of Boinggg! differs from that of the classic game. Firstly, unless you use a program like JoyToKey to convert joystick motions to keystrokes, there is no joystick control option. Secondly, instead of holding down the control key to make your jumps, you only have to hold down the arrow key of the direction that you wish to jump in.

Boinggg! has a fun concept, but it can be very frustrating at times. You must apply the right amount of power to your jumps so that you do not overshoot ledges. The fact that you cannot jump straight upwards means that you will have to jump from platform to platform until you reach your goal. Finally, patience and timing are necessary to avoid colliding with enemies that move back and forth.

This Flash version of Boinggg! is an excellent alternative to downloading an emulator or digging up an old Amstrad CPC for those that grew up playing the classic game. For other gamers, Boinggg! may be an obscure title, but it is still worth checking out if you are a fan of platforming games.

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