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BurgerTime Instructions

BurgerTime is controlled by using the keyboard. Move your character by using the arrow keys. Press the spacebar to throw pepper and temporarily stun enemies.

BurgerTime Walkthrough

BurgerTime is the Flash version of the classic arcade game of the same name. The arcade version of BurgerTime was developed by Data East and released in arcades in the year 1982. BurgerTime spawned numerous ports for home consoles as well as the sequels Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory, Super BurgerTime, and BurgerTime World Tour.

The objective of BurgerTime is the same as it was in the arcade game, avoid enemies and construct hamburgers. In order to make hamburgers, you will have to walk across buns, patties, and lettuce that are in various places on the stage. When an item has been completely walked across, it will fall down. If any enemies are below it, they will be crushed and you will be rewarded points. If an enemy food item touches you, you will lose one life. When all lives are lost, the game is over.

In order to complete you objective, you will have to climb up and down ladders to reach the ingredients that you need. To move your character, use the arrow keys. You may also throw pepper at enemies to temporarily stun them by pressing the spacebar. Stunned enemies cannot harm you. Your supply of pepper is limited however, and it is not regained after dying, so use it sparingly!

To increase your score in BurgerTime, you will want to collect food items. Food items will randomly spawn on stage occasionally, and can be collected for points. Be sure to differentiate between these bonus food items and pieces of food that are out to get you though! Bonus items are stationary, while enemy food items are mobile.

The Flash version of BurgerTime does a great job paying homage to the classic arcade game. The graphics are improved as well in this Flash game. The only thing missing here is the music and sound effects present in the arcade game! If you want a nostalgia rush straight from the 1980s, pop in some Hall and Oates and play a game of BurgerTime!

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