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FL Tron 2 Instructions

FL Tron 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move and the enter key is used to activate turbo. In two-player mode, the left player used the WASD keys to move and the tab key to activate turbo.

FL Tron 2 Walkthrough

FL Tron 2 is a Flash game that pays homage to the classic arcade game, Tron. The original arcade game was released by Bally Midway in 1982, the same year as the release of the Walt Disney movie, Tron. Tron contained four subgames that had to be completed to pass each level. The most popular subgame was based on the movie's light cycle sequence. FL Tron 2 is based on this segment of the classic game.

The objective of FL Tron 2 is to outmaneuver your opponent to cause them to crash while avoiding crashing yourself. Light cycles leave behind a solid wall, a gameplay mechanic similar to that of Snake. The player that survives scores one point. If the cyclists crash into each other, the game is considered a draw. The first player to gain three points wins the match.

FL Tron 2 can be played by two players on the same keyboard or against the CPU. If you choose to play against a human player, you will play endless matches against each other. If you choose to play against the computer, you must defeat the computer in six match, with each subsequent match more difficult than the last. If you fail to defeat the computer, you will not have to start over from the first level, but you will instead start from the level that you lost on.

FL Tron 2 features a turbo ability, a feature that was not included in the classic game, Tron. The turbo ability is a great way to quickly outmaneuver your opponent, and if used wisely can earn a quick win if you cause your opponent to crash. Use this ability wisely, because you are only allotted three boosts per round. You must also be careful not to crash yourself when using the turbo boost!

FL Tron 2 does a great job providing a modern take on the light cycle subgame of the classic game, Tron. FL Tron 2 may not include the other subgames, but most people ill agree that it was the light cycles that are most remembered from the classic game!

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