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Hulk Smash Up Instructions

Hulk Smash Up is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move, the control key to jump, and the spacebar to punch.

Hulk Smash Up Walkthrough

Rampage is a classic arcade game that was released by Bally Midway in 1986. Rampage was based on monster movies such as King Kong and Godzilla. The arcade game allowed up to three players to work as a team (or fight each other if they wanted to) to reduce cities to rubble. Rampage was ported to numerous consoles and spawned a variety of clones and copies; Hulk Smash Up is on of those copies.

Hulk Smash Up is a Flash clone of Rampage that is based on the Marvel Comics superhero, The Incredible Hulk. Apparently, Hulk has become angry over the release of the horrible 2003 movie based on his likeness, and has decided to take his aggression out on humanity (this Flash game does not give an actual story; this is just my interpretation). The objective of Hulk Smash Up is the same as the objective of the classic game, Rampage, destroy all buildings in the current city to advance to the next. This is done by climbing buildings and punching them until they collapse. Unlike in Rampage, you cannot jump on top of buildings to make them collapse in this copy of the classic game.

The most important major difference between Hulk Smash Up and Rampage is the health system. In Rampage, each character had their own health bar, and the game would end for them when the bar was depleted. In Hulk Smash Up, your health steadily drains with time, and will drain further if you are hurt by enemies. Destroying enemy vehicles will increase your health by a small amount. Your health/the time limit carries over between levels and is not refilled. When your health is depleted, the game will end; there are no continues.

Hulk Smash Up is a fun game, but it is not an exact copy of the classic arcade game, Rampage. If you are a fan of The Incredible Hulk or just enjoy smashing buildings in a fun game, then Hulk Smash Up may appeal to you. If you are looking for an exact copy of the classic game, Rampage, then you will have to find it elsewhere.

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