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Iron Mike's Punch Out Instructions

Iron Mike's Punch Out is controlled by using the keyboard. The A and D keys throw left and right high punches respectively, the Z and C keys throw left and right low punches respectively, and the S key throws a super uppercut. The up key is used to block high and the down key is used to block low.

Iron Mike's Punch Out Walkthrough

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is a classic boxing game released by Nintendo for the NES in 1987. It was a port of the arcade games Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! that capitalized off of the image of then Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of boxing, Mike Tyson. The game was re-released in 1990 for the NES as Punch-Out!!, with Mike Tyson replaced by the fictional Mr. Dream as the game's last fighter to beat.

Iron Mike's Punch Out is a Flash game that pays homage to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. This game does not feature all of the boxers that were present in the classic game; instead, only three characters, including Mike Tyson himself, are present. The graphics (wireframe instead of a sprite to represent Little Mac) and style of play featured in this Flash game are more similar to those of the arcade game than the version of the classic game for the NES.

The objective of Iron Mike's Punch Out is to defeat your opponent. You are limited to standard jabs, punches, and a powerful uppercut, but your opponents may employ special abilities. If you have experience with the original Punch-Out!!, you will know that each boxer has a pattern that can be exploited. Once you figure out this pattern, you will be able to easily defeat your opponent. This may take a few plays to figure out, however, and if you are beaten, you will have to start the game from its beginning. Unlike the classic game, there are no codes that you may enter to skip directly to a certain boxer.

Iron Mike's Punch Out is a fun boxing game that pays homage to a true classic, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. If you thought that beating Mike was hard in the real version of this classic game, you haven't seen anything because you are in for a real challenge in Iron Mike's Punch Out. This version of Mike truly is "the best eva", he's only pixels though so you don't need to worry about him eating your children!

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