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Jetpac Instructions

Jetpac is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to move and the up arrow key is used to fly. The spacebar is used to shoot.

Jetpac Walkthrough

Jetpac was a shooter game with platform game elements developed for the ZX Spectrum by Tim and Chris Stamper. It was published and released by Ultimate Play The Game (often shortened to just Ultimate) in 1983. This Flash game is an excellent recreation of the original Jetpac.

Jetpac for the ZX Spectrum allowed players to play with either the keyboard or the joystick. Only keyboard controls are employed in this Flash port, so you will have to use a program such as JoyToKey if you wish to play using a joystick. The classic game also had a two-player mode that is absent in this Flash version of the game.

The objective of Jetpac is to assemble and fuel your rocket ship. The ship must be assembled and fueled on the first level, but on subsequent levels only has to be refueled. To accomplish this goal, collect pieces of the rocket and fuel boxes as they appear on stage and fly over the ship to drop them where they are needed. When the ship is fully assembled and fueled, it will be completely purple in color. Get to the ship to advance to the next level.

In order to increase your score in this classic game, you will have to destroy enemies and collect bonus items. Bonus items such as gems and radioactive symbols will randomly spawn on stage and be collected for extra points. Shooting enemies increase your score and clears a path for you to move. Be sure not to touch enemies, however, or you will lose a life!

This version of Jetpac uses the same stage wrap that the classic game employed. Moving past the left or right edges of the screen will cause you to appear on the other side. This may hep you to evade enemies or quickly collect items, but keep in mind that stage wrap also applies to enemies so they may follow you. Luckily, your lasers will also appear on the other side of the screen if they shoot past the edge of one side.

If you owned a ZX Spectrum in its heyday and payed Jetpac, this version of the classic game will be excellent for nostalgia purposes. If you've never played Jetpac, give it a try. It's a fun shooting game and your won't be disappointed!

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