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Joust Instructions

Joust is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys. Tap the spacebar to flap your mount's wings.

Joust Walkthrough

Joust is a classic arcade game released in 1982 by Williams Electronics. When the game was first conceived, arcades were reluctant to purchase it since they believed that the controls would be too difficult for players. They were wrong and Joust turned out to be a hit, spawning numerous ports and inspiring future games such as Jetpac and Mario Bros. This Flash version captures the gameplay of the classic game, but features improved graphics.

The objective of Joust is to demount all of the opponents on the screen while avoiding being demounted yourself. There are not guns fired at all; combat is up close and personal. When an enemy is contacted, the vertical position determines the victor. If you are on top, you will knock your enemy off of their mount; if your enemy was above you, then you will be demounted. This mechanic was used in numerous other games, most notably the Super Mario Bros. games.

To score extra points in Joust, you must collect eggs that are dropped by enemies. The more eggs that you collect, the more points they will be worth. Collecting eggs in midair rewards a five hundred point bonus. If you die, the worth of eggs will reset. Earning 20,000 points earns you an extra life. Be sure to pick up eggs quickly, or they will hatch into more dangerous enemies!

The controls in this Flash version of Joust mimics the controls of the classic game to a tee. Use the arrow keys to move around and tap the spacebar to flap your ostrich's wings. The faster you tap the spacebar, the faster your mount's wings will flap and the more lift will be generated. Tap the spacebar slowly to hover. If you do not flap your mount's wings at all, you will fall faster.

This Flash version of Joust does justice to the original classic game. It is time to dust off the old armor and mount up once again in this Flash version of the classic arcade game, Joust!

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