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Kaboom! Instructions

Kaboom! is controlled by using the mouse. Click the mouse button to start. Move your mouse left and right to move the buckets and catch falling bombs.

Kaboom! Walkthrough

Before "Kaboom!" was the taunt of the Team Fortress 2 Demoman, it was a classic Atari game. Kaboom! was developed and published by Activision for the Atari 2600 in 1981. A Super Nintendo version was conceived, but never fully developed or released. A keychain version of the classic game was created in the late 1990's, however, and Kaboom! Is also available on Microsoft's Game Room for the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. This Flash version of Kaboom! stays true to the graphics, sounds, and gameplay of the original.

The objective of Kaboom! is to catch bombs that are being dropped by the Mad Bomber. Each bomb that is caught earns points. When one thousand points are reached, a replacement bucket is earned if you have less then three buckets. You cannot have more than three buckets, just like in the classic game. Each time a bomb is missed, a bucket is lost. When all buckets are lost, the game is over.

The Atari 2600 version of Kaboom! utilized the paddle controller to move the bucket back and forth. This Flash version uses the mouse. Click the left mouse button to start the Mad Bomber's dropping of bombs. Move the mouse left and right to move your buckets and attempt to catch the falling bombs before they touch the ground.

After catching enough bombs, you will advance to the next level. After each progressive level, the movements of the Mad Bomber will be more erratic and he will drop bombs more frequently, increasing the difficulty of the game. As was the case in the classic game, the point values of caught bombs also increases on later levels.

Kaboom! is a classic game that has simple controls and a simple concept like many games of its era. Despite its simplicity, Kaboom! also features charming and challenging gameplay that made many games of its age classic games!

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