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Missilebreak Outvaders Instructions

Missilebreak Outvaders is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to move the paddle. Click to detonate blue missiles. The escape key pauses the game.

Missilebreak Outvaders Walkthrough

Missilebreak Outvaders is a Flash game that combines elements from three classic games: Breakout, Space Invaders, and Missile Command. Missilebreak Outvaders features graphics inspired by all three arcade games, simple controls, and addicting gameplay. In this article, I will give a brief overview of the game and give a history of the three classic games that inspired its creation.

The objective of Missilebreak Outvaders is to defend your cities from aliens that are firing missiles. You must move your paddle back and forth across the screen to deflect missiles away from your cities and into enemies. When all enemies are destroyed, you will advance to the next level. If all of your cities are destroyed, then you lose the game. This arcade game has two modes: Traditional Interpretation and "Doomsday" Theory, with the latter being the more difficult.

The first classic game that Missilebreak Outvaders takes inspiration from is Breakout. Breakout was developed by Atari and released in arcades in 1976. Breakout spawned numerous ports and clones and served as the inspiration for future games such as Arkanoid. An interesting fact is that the original arcade release of this classic game used a black and white monitor; strips of colored cellophane gave the illusion that the bricks were colored. Future ports of the game featured actual color display. The paddle and deflection of missiles in Missilebreak Outvaders is inspired by Breakout.

The second classic game that serves as an inspiration for Missilebreak Outvaders is Space Invaders. Space Invaders was released by Taito in Japan and Midway in the USA in the year 1978. Space Invaders was one of the first vertical shooting games (or shoot'em ups) and is given credit for originating the genre (although Steve Russell's Spacewar! Is the very first shooting game). This arcade game is noted as being the reason for the shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan following its release. The enemies that move across the screen in Missilebreak Outvaders are inspired by Space Invaders.

The third and final classic game that lends inspiration to Missilebreak Outvaders is Missile Command. Missile Command was developed and published by Atari in 1980. Missile Command went on to spawn numerous ports and clones, including a modern version on the Xbox 360. An interesting fact is that Missile Command was inspired by the possible nuclear holocaust that could have occurred during the Cold War, similar to how modern FPS games like Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are based on modern-day politics and conflicts. The missiles in Missilebreak Outvaders are styled after those in Missile Command. Defending cities from missile attack and earning score based on the number of cities remaining are also concepts from the classic game.

Missilebreak Outvaders is an interesting combination of three classic arcade games. If you want to evoke old memories of the arcade while enjoying a "brand new" game, then give Missilebreak Outvaders a try!

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