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Pacman Instructions

Pacman is controlled by using the keyboard. Navigate the maze by using the arrow keys. The P key pauses the game.

Pacman Walkthrough

Pac-Man is an arcade game that was originally developed and published by Namco. It was published and distributed in the United States by Midway and released in arcades in 1980. Pac-Man currently holds the titles of the highest-grossing video game of all time and spawned numerous ports, spin-offs, and a media franchise that included apparel, cartoons, and even Christmas tree ornaments. This Flash port of Pac-Man, known as Pacman, captures the gameplay of the classic game and features slightly improved graphics.

The objective of Pacman is the same as the original arcade game, Pac-Man, eat all of the dots on the screen and avoid being caught by the ghosts. If one of the ghosts catches you, you will lose a life. Large dots (known as "power pellets") give you the opportunity to eat the ghosts for a limited time. When all dots have been eaten, you will advance to the next level. If all lives are lost, then the game is over.

Although the enemies in Pac-Man (and this Flash version, Pacman) may seem to move erratically, they actually have unique "personalities" that dictate their behavior. Each colored ghost has its own nickname. The red, pink, cyan, and orange ghosts are named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde respectively. The original Japanese names were more descriptive of each of the ghosts' behavior patterns, however, as they were named Chaser, Ambusher, Fickle, and Stupid respectively. The red ghost chases Pac-Man, the pink and cyan ghosts try to position themselves in front of Pac-Man's mouth, and the orange ghost chases Pac-Man most of the time, but will sometimes move towards the lower-left corner of the maze.

Pacman is an excellent reproduction of Pac-Man that can be played here for free! Relive the excitement of the classic game without having to empty your pockets of quarters by playing Pacman!

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