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Pwong Instructions

Pwong is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to position your paddle. Click to shoot when you have ammo loaded. The P key pauses the game and the M key mutes the game.

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Pong (often stylized as PONG) is a classic arcade game that was developed and published by Atari. It was released in arcades in 1972 and is one of the first video games to attain mainstream popularity. Pwong is a Flash game that takes the basic mechanics of Pong and injects it with adrenaline. This revamp of the classic game features improved graphics, powerups, and faster-paced gameplay. A remixed version of the song, "Popcorn" by Hot Butter, is also featured in this Flash game.

Like in Pong, Pwong simulates table tennis. The first difference between this Flash game and the classic game of Pong is the scoring mechanism. The objective is to get as high of a score as possible. Unlike the in the original arcade, where scoring goals against the opponent rewarded one point, the score of your CPU opponent is not recorded in this Flash game. Instead, points are earned for scoring against the opponent and points are lost for failing to deflect balls away from your goal (it is possible to end up with a negative score). The more balls that are on the screen, the less points you will lose for missing one. The game ends when the bar below your paddle reaches the right side of the screen.

Pwong also adds powerups to the game. Occasionally, large balls will fall from the screen. Collecting these balls with your paddle will reward powerups that will increase the size of your paddle, slow down the speed of the game, reward ammunition, and more. If you have ammunition, you can click the left mouse button to shoot a paddle upwards that will deflect balls towards your opponents goal. This is about the only way that you can score against the AI if you are playing on a higher difficulty level than easy!

Pwong is an intense rendition of the classic game that will test your hand-eye coordination! If you were expecting the original Pong, however, you will have to find another game (there are literally hundreds across the Web, so it shouldn't be too difficult).

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