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Tapper Instructions

Tapper is controlled by using the keyboard. Move up and down by using the up and down arrow keys. Press the spacebar to send out a beer.

Tapper Walkthrough

Tapper is a classic arcade game released by Bally Midway in 1984. Several versions of the game (and its clones) were released including versions for home consoles, cellular phones, and the Web. This Flash version of Tapper is similar to the classic arcade game, but there are a few key differences. We will compare and contrast the two games throughout this game description.

The objective of this Flash version of Tapper is the same as the original arcade game, serve customers before they reach the end of the bar. Unlike the classic arcade game, however, this version of Tapper only gives you one life. If a customer reaches the end of the bar before they have been served, then you will lose the game. Some customers will throw their empty mug back down the bar after they have finished their drink. If the mug reaches the end of the bar, it will fall to the ground and shatter, ending the game. You will have to be quick to keep your patrons satisfied and to prevent mugs from falling to the floor! You must also be careful when serving beer; if a customer is already drinking or there is no customer in the row that you throw the beer, the mug will shatter against the wall and you will lose!

The Flash version of Tapper does not use the same sprite graphics of the arcade game. The entire graphic design of the game has been revamped with original cartoon graphics. The sounds have also been changed from their 8-bit originals to more realistic sound effects.

The final change in this Flash version of the arcade game reduces the difficulty, and partially makes up for the fact that players are only allotted one life. The tap does not have to be held and you do not have to fill the mug. Simply press the spacebar and the mug will automatically be filled and sent down the bar.

This Flash version of Tapper may not be a perfect recreation of the original arcade game, but it is still worth the time to check it out. Tapper is an addicting and entertaining homage to the original classic game, but be warned that it may make you thirsty! Cheers!

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