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Thrust Instructions

Thrust is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys rotate your ship and the up arrow key activates your thruster. The spacebar is used to shoot.

Thrust Walkthrough

Thrust is a classic game that was programmed by Jeremy Smith. It was published by Superior Software and released in 1986 for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron computer systems. The gameplay of Thrust was similar to the classic arcade game, Lunar Lander (1979, by Atari), but featured pixel graphics rather than vector graphics and pixel-perfect collision detection that made the game even more challenging. Thrust also added enemy turrets and shooting to the equation. This Flash version of Thrust is not a perfect port, but it captures the basic gameplay of the classic game.

The objective of Thrust is to land on the red landing pad in each level. Colliding with walls, landing too hard, or being shot by enemy turrets will cost you your ship. You are only given one life in this Flash version, unlike in the classic game, so if you crash, it's game over. Unfortunately, you will have to refresh your browser if you wish to play again.

Like in Lunar Lander, you are given a limited supply of fuel in Thrust. Firing your thruster reduces your fuel supply. When your fuel runs out, you won't be able to use your thrusters anymore, so management of your fuel supply is crucial to success. Upon the completion of each level, you are given a bonus based on how much fuel you have, so there is another incentive to managing your fuel.

Patience and fine-tuned movements are important to succeed in Thrust. If you move too fast, you are bound to crash. Instead, you must correct your course with short bursts of thrust, and tap your thrusters to cushion your landing. Make sure that the base of your ship is parallel to the landing pad when you touch down as well, or you might have an unexpected crash!

Although this Flash version of Thrust is not a perfect representation of the original, it still gives players a taste of what the classic game was like. If you enjoy playing retro games with simple concepts and challenging gameplay, then you will enjoy Thrust!

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