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Track and Field II Instructions

Track and Field II is controlled by using the keyboard. In the fencing game, the A key is used to hit up, the S key is used to hit down, the D key blocks, and the arrow keys move. In the hurdles game, the right arrow key is used to run and the m key jumps. In the swimming game, the K key is used to start swimming, the up arrow key increases speed, the X key is used to come up for air, and the down arrow key is used to swim back.

Track and Field II Walkthrough

Long before there was Wii Sports, there was Track and Field. Track and Field is a classic Olympics-based sports game that was released in 1983. It was developed and published by Konami. Despite the problem with the two run buttons constantly breaking on machines, Track and Field was a hit in arcades, and went on to spawn numerous ports for home systems such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and NES. Track and Field II (which was actually the fourth game in the series) was released for the NES in 1988. This Flash version of Track and Field II does not feature all of the events that the classic game had, but it gives players a taste of the original with the benefit of being completely free!

This flash version of Track and Field II has three events, each with their own objectives. The first event is fencing, which was probably the event that appealed most to youngsters playing the game at the time. The objective in fencing is to touch your opponent with your foil while not giving your opponent a chance to touch you with theirs. The first player to touch their opponent four times wins. Unfortunately, fencing seems to be very buggy in this Flash game and it is nearly impossible to win.

The second event featured in this Flash game is hurdles. The objective here is to beat the other runners while jumping over hurdles. Once again, the performance of this Flash game is sub-par. Your runner does not jump very high, so it is nearly impossible to clear the hurdles. It is even possible for your runner to get stuck on a hurdle, forcing you to refresh your browser to replay the game!

The final even featured in this Flash version of Track and Field II is swimming. Unlike the other two events, swimming is actually done well. The objective of the swimming even is to swim across the pool and back before your opponent. You will occasionally have to come up for oxygen, but doing so will slow you down. If you run out of oxygen, however, you will be slowed down even further while you catch your breath, so it is best to occasionally come up for air manually.

This Flash version of Track and Field II may be fun for some, but fans of the original will be disappointed by its lack of events and its flaws. If you do not have a copy of the classic game or a ROM of it, however, this Flash version is your best bet.

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